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It all started when I was trying to figure out the maintenance schedule for my (then) recently purchased 2003 VW GTI (Mk4 represent).

And once while listening to a call-in radio show about cars, someone called in figure out the same thing. The host’s answer made sense. LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL ENGINEERS. Listen to the guys who engineered your car from the ground up, to the most minute detail…they will know the right answer. And where do they reveal this wisdom? The owner’s manual.

To the glove compartment!

Empty. (Why are they always missing? What is the pathology of missing car owner’s manuals?)

To the internet!


Well so to speak. Volkswagen makes it incredibly difficult and/or expensive to get the owner’s manual for ANY model.

Either you have to pay mightily for a reprinted set of manual booklets that DO NOT come with a replacement mini binder to hold them all together, and wait for it to be shipped to you.

…OR a very few number of late model VW owners can get their manual online only after entering in your (17 digit!) VIN number and even then, it only works sometimes. AND you can’t download the manual in any portable or printable form.

What. The Hell. Volkswagen.

Thus DubManuals was born. I started to collect up manuals anywhere I could find them. I found and figured out how to use a scanner with a auto feeder.

We are actively looking for all the VW manuals we can find going back as far as we can. Obviously, the newer model are more in-demand. So we’re kind of working our way back from new to old. And there have been A LOT of models in VW’s history. And of course we only have English manuals at this time. So there’s a library to build.

Thanks for stopping by!